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Ninja Slayer's Menpo / 実際暖かい忍殺メンポ

2013.01.27 Sun

元ネタ:ニンジャスレイヤー公式サイト ・ Twitter公式アカウント


Ninja Slayer's Menpo


Yarn: sport or light DK weight yarn
Charcoal: about 150m (50g), Gray: about 120m (40g), White: about 15m (5g).
Gauge: for men: 24 sts and 27 rows / for women: 26 sts and 29 rows = 10x10 cm in St st.
Needles: 3.25mm: 60cm circular, or size to obtain gauge.
Notions: tapestry needle, stitch markers.

st(s) – stitch(es)
rnd(s) – round(s)
RS – right side
WS – wrong side
CO – cast on
k – knit
p – purl
St st – stockinette stitch
sl – slip
m – marker
pm – place marker
inc – increase
M1R - from the back, pick up strand between stitches with left needle, knit into front of loop
M1L - from the front, pick up strand between stitches with left needle, knit into back of loop
dec – decrease
k2tog – knit 2 stitches together
ssk – slip knitwise, slip knitwise, knit 2 slipped stitches together
BO – bind off
RH – right hand
LH – left hand
w&t (wrap and turn) – sl the next stitch onto RH needle, wrap yarn around the slipped stitch, slip the stitch back to LH needle, turn your work and continue working in the opposite direction. Picking up wrap : with RH needle, pick up wrap from front to back, then insert RH needle into the wrapped st, knit wrap and st together.

CO 120 sts loosely with gray yarn. Join to work in round.
pm to indicate the beginning of a new round.
Work k2, p2 rib until piece measures 10 cm from CO edge or desired length.
Cut yarn.
Join charcoal yarn and continue 2*2 rib 5 cm more.

Menpo Chart
rnd 1: sl m, k16, pm, k2, pm, k16, pm, work 2*2 rib 86 sts. (120 sts)
rnd 2-4: work even in pattern.
rnd 5 (inc rnd): knit to before m, M1R, sl m, k2, sl m, M1L, knit to m, sl m, work 2*2 rib to end of rnd. (inc 2 sts = 122 sts)
Repeat last 4 rnds 2 times more. (inc 4 sts = 126 sts)
rnd 14-24: work even in pattern.

row 25 (dec row): sl m, k17, ssk, sl m, k2, sl m, k2tog, k13, w&t. Work back and forth from the row to work the short rows.
row 26 (WS): sl 1, p13, sl m, p2, sl m, p14, w&t.
row 27 (RS / dec row): sl 1, k11, ssk, sl m, k2, sl m, k2tog, k8, w&t.
row 28 (WS): sl 1, p8, sl m, p2, sl m, p9, w&t.
row 29 (RS / dec row): sl 1, k6, ssk, sl m, k2, sl m, k2tog, k3, w&t.
row 30 (WS): sl 1, p3, sl m, p2, sl m, p4, w&t.
row 31 (RS): sl 1, k3, remove m, k2, remove m, w&t.
row 32 (WS): sl 1, p1, w&t.
row 33 (RS): sl 1, knit to m while picking up wraps, sl m, work 2*2 rib to end of rnd. Cut yarn.


rnd 34: join gray yarn and work in round. sl m, knit to m while picking up remaining wraps, remove m, work k1, p1 rib to end of rnd. (120 sts)
rnd 35-37: work 1*1 rib around.
BO all sts loosely.

Add Ninja-letters with white yarn as shown in chart using duplicate stitch.

Weave in loose ends. Block.

menpo_R.jpg menpo_L.jpg


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