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Me-Made-March '13 Nippon, The Final

2013.03.31 Sun
Dear Zoe, (Letter to close Me-Made-March '13 Nippon)

We are going to end the event Me-Made-March '13 Nippon today.
The 76 Japanese participants and myself enjoyed the month very much.
As a representative of the group, I appreciate that you kindly allowed us to hold this event.

Everybody had fun and also reflected on their work and discovered something through the event.
Some said they want me to keep having this kind of event from now on but I explained them that this is "only a onetime special festival", because I would rather them to join your MMM (SSS) next time. I respect your originality.

I am hoping those who were not brave enough to participate in such an event or did not know such an event existed are going to join your MMM (SSS) without being inhibited by language and culture barriers.

Even though they won't participate, I still wish Me-Made-love will spread all over the world.

I am returning the opportunity we borrowed from you and we are going back to our ordinary daily lives while thinking over this past month's event.

Hopefully we'll see you in May!
Again, thank you very much for the opportunity.

Miho (Translated by Hiro)


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